Ellie (anchovie) wrote in filthytomes,

Jonh Cleland - Fanny Hill

So, I nevr finished Fanny Hill because my dad looked fairly appalled. That, and it is just bonking from start to finish. Barely a page of storyline goes by. Although it is true vintage hardcore. John Cleland kept calling it 'the staff of love'.

"I must devour with my eyes this springing BOSOM..." - read it all.
Tags: book reports, euphemisms, fanny hill
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Still never found it again our house after I caught Mum reading it... She must've spooked it away to a charity shop somewhere. That or it's hidden under her bed!!
Missing presumed burned.

What's the last sex scene you read?
In the book? I'm pretty sure I read all the sex scenes.
No, I meant in general in all your reading. Mine was from Angela Carter's Bloody Chamber collection. The Snow Child. About incestuous necrophilial paedophilia. Twas lush.