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someone's playing the same loop insanely loudly & i can't sleep [Sep. 17th, 2006|12:48 am]
Filthy Tomes: An Erotic Reading Group

Just browsing the odd poetry forum and found some stuff (and more e.e cummings, he's soooo good.) Here's my contrib...by someone called Torre DeVito. Clearly he's into virgins and blood and all that malarkey. Erotic? Guess that rocks the boat for some people.

The Sun and the Morning
If I
Were the sun
And you
Were the morning
I would
Enter you.
Some resistance
And then push
Naked trees
Finger nails
In my back
While birds cry
A whimper
That you bury
In my neck.

And you moan,
Like branches
Joy overcomes
Pain with
Deep within.
An animal sound
But reaches your lips
With the satisfied sigh
Of the breeze,
Which stirs clouds
Stained red
With your maiden blood.
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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2006|08:09 pm]
Filthy Tomes: An Erotic Reading Group

[crush |Nina Simone - I got life]

On admitting two new members, two things:

  • welcome

  • the last book I bought was nerve.com's 365 positions, for a friend's bd. SHAME.

I am not worthy of being in this community. Redeem me with lustverse.
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Politics [Dec. 29th, 2005|11:02 am]
Filthy Tomes: An Erotic Reading Group

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Please petition your local bookstore (e.g. Blackwell's - local shop's email address is oxford@blackwell.co.uk) and demand an erotica section. We are a people! a movement! we want easily-accessible Smut!
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Jonh Cleland - Fanny Hill [Dec. 27th, 2005|01:09 pm]
Filthy Tomes: An Erotic Reading Group

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So, I nevr finished Fanny Hill because my dad looked fairly appalled. That, and it is just bonking from start to finish. Barely a page of storyline goes by. Although it is true vintage hardcore. John Cleland kept calling it 'the staff of love'.

"I must devour with my eyes this springing BOSOM..." - read it all.
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Merry Belated Xmas [Dec. 27th, 2005|01:06 pm]
Filthy Tomes: An Erotic Reading Group

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Tom Lehrer - 'Smut'
- love from me. xx
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Oi, wake up! [Dec. 27th, 2005|12:50 pm]
Filthy Tomes: An Erotic Reading Group

I'm sure you all got book-tokens for Xmas.
Go forth and enjoy smut.
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"may i feel?", a poem by ee cummings [Jul. 20th, 2005|10:42 am]
Filthy Tomes: An Erotic Reading Group

may i feel said he
(i'll squeal said she
just once said he)
it's fun said she

(may i touch said he
how much said she
a lot said he)
why not said she

(let's go said he
not too far said she
what's too far said he
where you are said she)

may i stay said he
(which way said she
like this said he
if you kiss said she

may i move said he
is it love said she)
if you're willing said he
(but you're killing said she

but it's life said he
but your wife said she
now said he)
ow said she

(tiptop said he
don't stop said she
oh no said he)
go slow said she

(cccome?said he
ummm said she)
you're divine!said he
(you are Mine said she)
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